Save Time to Teach More
  • Deedak collects and measures the debate level in the Facebook groups you are using in your teaching
  • Deedak calculates and presents to you what actually happens in your groups in a very clear format
  • Administrate easily all of your Facebook groups in Deedak
Better Student Results
  • Deedak Score gives you an immediate overview of your students' “Commitment” and “Influence” in the tasks you work with online
  • Deedak Grid gives you an overview and understanding of the development in the debate level in the group over the last 14 days
  • Delve into details about the group's communication if you need a detailed insight into where knowledge seems to come into being in the group
  • Share and discuss your thoughts with other users of Deedak and get inspired for new ideas about Facebook groups in your teaching
Plan and Intervene
Involve Your Students
  • Given your new knowledge of the group's debate level, you can decide how to strengthen your students' future teaching experiences in your Facebook group
  • Motivate your students by telling them where exactly their development points are while working in the Facebook group
  • Log in to Deedak again on the following day to experience how your teaching is developing

Simple and powerful measures, allowing teachers to make decisions
Jason Li-Ying, Associate Professor, DTU Management Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, 2014.